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Reimagines a cluster neighborhood into T-shaped modules to improve density, land efficiency, parking layout, and walkability. A mix of plan formats allows a broad swath of home buyers to find something up their alley — ranging from single-bedroom ADUs to a 2,200 SF single-family dwelling, with three-story duets and stacked flats in between. With twenty-one homes per cluster, we exceeded a 25 DU/AC. A greenway lines the perimeter of each T-Cell, allowing pedestrian access through the site all while avoiding vehicular traffic. A focus on paseo-access, large decks, and front yards encourages natural neighborhood connections.

One T-Cell:
Units: 21
Area: 34,272 SF
Density: 26.7 DU / AC

(With one 2-Story SFD to reduce massing)
Units: 20
Adjusted Density: 25.4 DU / AC

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