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Named after equal rights pioneer Abigail Scott Duniway, this mixed-use development of 128 affordable and 27 market-rate apartment homes is situated in the north end of Portland’s famous Pearl District—and is a milestone for the Pacific Northwest. 

The idea of equality was a foundational element in our brand narrative, and is visually conveyed in both the logomark and signage concepts. For the logomark (which won a 2016 Gold Award for Logo Design from The Nationals), our emphasis on the two red lines in the “A” is a literal icon of equality, equal housing and fair opportunities. By encompassing it in a circular element and distinguishing it by color (habanero red), we sought to convey how significant and central this value of equality was to the builder and to the community. 


The color palette was carefully curated to pair with the interiors and exteriors of the building, as well as the modern and simplistic feel of the Pearl District’s local ambiance. On the signage, the colors were intentionally inversed to highlight the two “I’s” correlation to the logo icon and stand out against the architecture. The circular sign itself is a three dimensional panel, with the habanero red panel mounted directly to the building and the aluminum-facing panel mounted on top, creating a strong platform to encompass the logomark. 


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