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Chengdu | China




700 DU with Luxury Villas

2,133.3 M2 Average Lot and

Agricultural Retail

700 AC

2832799.5 M2

4,249.2 MU

Preserve Over 3,000 Heritage Trees





Grand Architects INC.


  • In a Joint Venture Sichuan University, we designed the first of its kind agricultural development in China. Through the collaboration with the University, and the local government, 70% of the land will be kept for agricultural harvesting. This area of China is called the rice bowl (similar to Americas breadbasket) and is a major food production region for the rest of the country. In order to help protect this rich history, agricultural plots and 3,800 trees will be preserved on the site. The development is made up of three main villages with four different home types. At completion, there will be close to 700 units on the 1,500-acre site preserved on the site.

  • Residential living in an agriculturally innovative and efficient design. There are three main components that make this site unique:

  •  Private Yards - Residents have the option to grow crops for personal use or have a traditional landscape in their private yards.

  • Garden Plots - Residents can grow crops for commercial or personal use in privately owned adjacent garden plots.

  • Cooperative Crops - Public crops managed by local farmers surround private and commercial garden plots.

  • From Agriculture to Retail, Entertainment, Education and Hospitality Two retail components, as well as a hotel and luxury resort immerse visitors into a world of food, entertainment and education. There are two different paradigms for the retail development. The site pictured below is a traditional urban retail format with an indoor and outdoor mall, while the site below is a traditional road–side retail.

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