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City Ventures

Branding System

With so many neighborhoods to launch, and dreams to help fulfill, we knew we needed a system. By creating a tailored experience for each neighborhood (one that didn’t feel cookie-cutter), we strove to design a branding system that worked harmoniously to paint the picture of a compelling lifestyle for those desiring to live the California dream.

Sales Office Environment

For City Ventures’ brand refresh in 2017, we worked closely with City Ventures

consultants in the creation of innovative sales offices alive with the synergy of the brand—creating a seamless, integrated experience from marketing to the physical environment.

Signage & Wayfinding

New-home dreams should be easy to find. We made it that way by developing effective wayfinding systems that included everything from coming soon signage and fence wraps to the pageantry of flags. Although specific to each community, all signage reinforced the City Ventures brand through consistent colors and typography.

Website Design


As one of California’s fastest-growing homebuilders, City Ventures has entrusted us with their brand since 2011. In that time, we developed brand launches for approximately 12 new-home neighborhoods a year, everything from townhomes, condominiums and lofts, to mixed-use, livework and single-family detached homes. All in all, the branding effort totals 63 neighborhoods throughout Northern and Southern California—a partnership that’s helped drive sales of more than $500 million in real estate.


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