Here at WHA, architecture and color unite
offering integrated design solutions.

As the head of WHA’s integrated, architectural design process, Donna Aldrich leads a highly skilled, professional team responsible for master color palettes, color and materials design guidelines, exterior color and material selections as well as interior design. Donna is a U.S. Green Building Council, LEED Accredited Professional and certified Interior Designer.


In addition to providing color palettes for WHA’s own designs, Donna and her team utilize their expertise for clients with architecture by others, provide color consultation for manufacturers of building products and in providing color reviews for developers. 


Master Color & Materials Palettes

Color & Materials Design Guidelines

Master Developer Color & Materials Design Reviews

Residential & Commericial / Interior & Exterior Palettes

Color & Materials Schemes / Specifications

Presentation Color & Materials Boards

Color Application Packages (painter’s guides)

Color & Elevation Assignments to Lots

Digital Documentation

Consultant Collaboration / Coordination

Color Consulting for Building Products

WHA Architects Planners Designers