Transit Oriented Townhomes & Lofts
46 2-3 Story On-Grade Townhomes
47 3 Story On-Grade Lofts

27 Live/Work Lofts

5.5 AC


Design Development

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The Olson Company



  • Live/work neighborhood with internal pedestrian appeal and easy connectivity to surroundings that include Metrolink station, single-family homes, and school.

  • Planning that would transform a derelict infill parcel characterized by vacant buildings and random public parking, thus assisting the City’s pursuit of new urbanism solutions for a redevelopment program.

  • Solutions that also respect area history, as defined by an on-site icehouse circa 1920s and Spanish style depot structure dating from the same era.



  • Required by City, surface parking along the main street challenged identity and appeal for the new community; planning resolves parking concern with live/work units and commercial orientations here, and pedestrian connections through a paseo to transit, retail, and restaurants.

  • This approach also places live/work closer to surrounding mixed uses and industrial zone, with distinctive architectural aesthetics keyed to the icehouse, now serving as a chapel.  Rooftop terraces and home offices promote urban village character.  On site’s east side, townhomes complement adjacent single-family neighborhood, while offering contemporary plan function and upscale amenities.

  • Front door character enhances both residential elements and further strengthens the site plan’s commitment to the creation of a pedestrian-friendly and aesthetically appealing neighborhood.

Soco Walk | Fullerton, CA