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The Orchard | Azusa, CA

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WHA’s Urban Studio and Serrano Development Group, in the creation of a complete brand initiative for The Orchard, an exciting mixed-used development situated at the intersection of Azusa Avenue and Route 66 in the City of Azusa’s Downtown District. Offering 163 residential units, 23,000 square feet of retail and a new Laemmle Theater, The Orchard recreates the look and feel of an historic Main Street that has grown organically over time—keeping the vintage character but adapting to new uses. Naturally, history plays an important role at The Orchard, its very name an acknowledgment and celebration of the city’s heritage and citrus culture. With this in mind, we knew we had to craft a brand narrative that connected to the past while also keeping an eye on the future.

Positioning the project as a new way to experience Downtown Azusa, our distinctive logomark perfectly captures 

The Orchard for what it is: a burst of welcoming energy in the heart of the city with strong ties to its agricultural and historic roots. This sense of whimsical creativity was a common theme throughout all marketing materials. With the use of Route 66 iconography, and elements of transportation and vintage neon signage, the brand honors the past with modern-day appeal—designed to attract retailers, theatergoers, residents and visitors to this new (and exceedingly fresh) urban destination.


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