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Vera Riverplace | Portland, OR

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This affordable BRIDGE Housing community in downtown Portland honors the legacy of Vera Katz, a local trailblazer and a symbol of transformation. Vera’s bright light left a lasting impact on her adopted hometown of Portland. Her son eulogized her as “the embodiment of the American dream: coming with nothing and making life better not just for herself but for the countless others she touched.” 


We worked closely with our client and Ankrom Moisan Architects in the creation of the brand’s many elements, which were all inspired by Vera’s love of color, the arts and gardens—and her indelible spirit. Our logo uses the letter “V” as the foundation for a geometric mark that suggests the facets of a jewel—a nod to Vera as a Portland treasure. The shape implies forward movement and the blossoming of the spirit. The typeface, Gotham, was famously used by Obama to promote hope during his 2008 campaign. 


The color palette celebrates Vera’s vibrant, energetic life—symbolizing her signature choice of bright, jewel-toned clothes. The colors also represent Portland’s natural beauty in terms of river, sky, parks and gardens. Our client recognized the value of brand in built projects, allowing us to enhance the contemporary Scandinavian Northwest architecture with arresting artworks and environmental graphics.


Vera Katz

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