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This computer-generated simulation allows the user to interact and explore the virtual world in a seemingly real way. VR can also be experienced through computers or even smartphones. As part of WHA’s in-house rendering studio, VR services are available to our clients. From conceptual design to completion, clients can benefit from our VR services to better implement their design goals and virtually sell to consumers.

Virtual reality (VR) is an evolving technology that completely immerses a user into a virtual three-dimensional environment. 


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Experience Virtual Reality

iPhone users: open the camera, point the camera at this QR code, tap the notification to go to VR.

Samsung users: open the camera, click on Bixby Vision, point the camera at this QR Code.

* This requires the latest operating systems. For older versions, simply download any QR Reader App and scan it from the app. 


Scan this barcode with your phone to experience VR.

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