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Canyon Hills Friends Church

Yorba Linda, CA


Institutional Design

3.38 AC

121 Spaces

18,476 SF





Canyon Hills Friends Church


The Canyon Hills Friends Church design was developed with two key principles:  encourage fellowship and acknowledge the area’s heritage.  One of the most beautiful and necessary qualities of Christian worship is the fellowship that takes place between families and church members.  It was imperative to create a design that, in building mass, embraced the people.  This was accomplished by creating a central courtyard, designed specifically as the main entry.  Surrounded by classrooms, meeting rooms and a future gymnasium, the fellowship courtyard is the heart of the project.  Its design and panoramic views, encourages families to gather before entering the sanctuary and linger after church to mingle with members and friends.


Located in Yorba Linda, it was important to acknowledge the area’s rich Spanish heritage.  To represent a new beginning for the Church, a “contemporary” expression of Spanish architecture was implemented.  Contemporary building forms include a main tower which anchors the courtyard and serves as a beacon at night when highlighted with an illuminated cross.  Aluminum storefront windows, doors and railings combine with traditional gabled roof forms draw from the City's Spanish heritage to provide a contemporary twist to the design.  Within the sanctuary, vaulted white ceiling trusses surrounded in backdrop by the white sculpted walls of the altar, define a design character that is spiritually uplifting.


The congregation has more than doubled since the church opened. This success has partially been attributed to the courtyard design, which embraces people, encourages them to gather for worship, and expands their fellowship.

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