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The visual expectations of today’s digitally savvy consumers have never been higher. From Hollywood movies and gaming to apps on mobile devices, the world is accustomed to sophisticated, high-quality imagery in everything. Ensuring that every visual experience is its absolute best is the job of the WHA Rendering Studio.

"As a team of extremely talented designers and digital artists, we conceive and produce visually engaging solutions for every type of building project."


Blending artistry, technical expertise and a true passion for our craft, we help enable the complete visualization of a client’s project—often well before it ever breaks ground. Whether it’s digital rendering, 3D animation, VR (Virtual Reality) services, or powerful HD videos whose imagery and sound design move people emotionally, our solutions bring our clients’ projects to life—and positively persuade audiences at community outreach events as well as Planning Commission and City Council meetings.


3D Animation and Virtual Reality

By offering 3D Animation and VR (virtual reality) services, our projects come to life before they have even broken ground. Being integrated into the conceptual design phase, we understand all elements of the project and convey a more authentic message. Using modern technology, we are able to give realistic 3D visualizations of our projects. Our revolutionary animation brochures serve as an exceptional marketing tool and can be used in Planning Commission and City council meetings as well as promotional collateral for new communities.