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Coastline Ventura

Ventura, CA


2-4 Story Apartments
231 Units

10.96 AC 

21 U/A 

716 - 1,625 SF




Architectural Graphics

Architectural Rendering

3D Modeling and Animation

Colors and Material




2022 Gold Nugget Merit Award - Best Multi-Family Housing Community - 15-30 DU/AC

2022 AIA Orange County Design Citation Award - Multifamily/Mixed-Use Development (Built)


This unique site, overlooking the beach and adjacent to downtown Ventura, is sandwiched between an active railroad and the 101 Freeway. Years of planning resulted in a stringent Downtown Specific Plan and Coastal Commission requirements. The 11-acre site provides a public promenade overlooking the ocean that links the community to the beach and the downtown. A required water basin has become a branch of the City's Botanical Garden.

231 distinctive apartments are articulated in a collection of mid-century-inspired architecture, influenced by nautical imagery and local architecture. The City required individual architectural designs for the 11 buildings that resulted in a family of buildings, much like siblings and cousins, sharing some features but each with separate distinctions.

The buildings line the promenade with leasing and recreation facilities organized at a key pivotal node. Live/work units and co-working space activate and animate the Promenade. Courtyards, protected from the wind, and parklets are provided to extend the resident's private realm. The leasing and recreation building provides leasing, management, a model unit, gym, yoga, and multipurpose room, bicycle storage and pool facilities.  

Special attention has been paid to sound attenuation, weather-durable materials, and techniques to withstand the marine environment. 

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