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Long Beach, CA


Retail and Residential

82 Units

1.09 AC

85 U/A

1,047 - 1,638 SF



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Located in Long Beach, California, this ‘Contextual Urban infill Project” fulfills many social, political and economic needs of the city. Situated across from a light rail station and next to an artist community, the goal was integrate the traditional home design with contemporary living without the feel of a typical condo. The marketing goal focused on developing various plans to attract diverse homebuyers ranging from the traditional Townhomes buyers to the “creative culture type.” Using the design approach of developing three different building facades, which were all interconnected, gave the appearance of an adaptive re-use. It also helped to break down the large massing appearance and creates a distinctive and stylish look. The combination of ground retail, shopkeeper, town homes and contemporary flats creates an exceptionally diverse blend of residents, which reflects the vibrancy of the city’s existing demographics. The flats were incorporated to focus on the buyers looking to downsize. B-Occupancy shopkeeper units along 4th street allow residents the prospect for creative business opportunities while acting as an extension of the adjacent artist community. This project addresses the urban in-fill housing need of the inter-city neighborhood by providing alternative solutions in a creative and practical way and promoting city pride.

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