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Friends Community Church

Brea, CA


Institutional Design




Construction Documents


Friends Community Church


A vacant office building located in Brea, California became the canvas for WHA to create a dynamic spiritual place of worship for the Brea Friends Community Church. True to the traditional Friends church teachings of simplicity; the remodeled building was designed with clean and contemporary architecture throughout, allowing the focus to be on the message of the church and the people who attend. Additional activities were accommodated with the design of a beautiful nursery/preschool room.

Expanding into another vacant building next door, WHA created a friendly, welcome area, designed with special attention given for the many children of the church. An independent High School Room, perfect for the lively young teens. 

Open space adjacent to the worship hall was a great opportunity to design a coffee/espresso bar, becoming a wonderful social gathering place promoting interaction for members of all ages. 

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