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Las Ventanas

Long Beach, CA


Affordable Family Apartments
102 Homes

1.1 AC

101 U/A

600 - 1,100 SF

3,962 SF Retail


Design Development

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AMCAL Multi-Housing


Once a "Boulevard of Cars" that have all moved away, this midtown area on a major arterial has languished as a place to pass-through for decades.  The introduction of light rail transit in 1990 did little to improve the situation.  The City has developed a new Specific Plan that encourages urban-scale development at this key transit node, and this is the catalyst project.

This development provides 102 affordable family apartments and retail on a one-acre site.  Parking is minimized and located in a podium garage at a half level below the street and accessed from an alley.  A corner public square is distinguished by enhanced architecture with a glass tower feature and a three-story tile mural that accents the retail environment while the residents' lobby and amenity spaces line the boulevard frontage.  The bold red color is intended to be noticed.

Four apartment levels are arrayed around a courtyard with a tot lot.  A central laundry room and outdoor living room orient to the courtyard at the podium level.  Keeping within a constrained budget and simple construction techniques, the project maximizes window areas to create a commercial quality to the building and has received overwhelmingly enthusiastic City support.

  • Catalyst project at an important Metro stop, first in new Midtown Specific Plan area to spur redevelopment of parking lots and low-intensity uses.

  • Bold architectural statement/vibrant colors for 102 affordable family apartments, retail, and public square at the corner. 

  • Lobby and resident amenity spaces line the boulevard.  Units arrayed around the podium courtyard.

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