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Los Angeles, CA

Norwood Learning Village

Affordable Housing

29 Units

.51 AC

39.7 U/A 

600 - 1,200 SF



Community Design Guidelines

Renderings / 3D Modeling​


Sales Office - CDs

Design Development


Thomas Safran & Associates

  • 6 buildings that appear as 6 single family homes offer a much needed housing solution for low income families

  • Located across the street from an elementary school - this development offers subterranean parking for teachers across the street.

  • Architectural details such as posts, columns, and railings echo surrounding historical facades.

Provides desperately needed affordable housing in a city with some 15,000 homeless. Public/private effort to convert school site was challenged repeatedly by an HPOZ (Historical Preservation Overlay Zone). Although not authorized to determine formal approvals, HPOZ activists are obstructionist and influential.


Thoughtful research of maps dating to 1922, painstaking concepts and participation in 14 community meetings carried the day in reviews that began in 2012. 


  • Evaluating 64 area historic homes, architect/planning team used contributing examples to create 6 different buildings that weave an eclectic, compatible fabric referencing Dutch, Craftsman and Victorian traditions.

  • Special care with roof line relationships, stoops and expanded setbacks and yards benefits tight infill site. Individualized landscaping conveys sense of unique ownership for each home and the community center.

  • Dormers incorporate extra living space in 2-story template; one 3-story building adds variety and capacity.

  • Underground garage and shared spaces with school across the street unobtrusively accommodate parking.

  • Community center offers quality social space and outreach as homework help for children who are frequently left behind.

  • Family-focused design/planning brings value and security to residents who have little experience with either in their previous situations.

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