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Research & Development


2 AC
82 Units
41 DU/AC

Within two years, the ways we work, live, shop, and communicate have changed. So naturally, buyers would desire a home to accommodate this new way of life. The goal is to minimize construction costs and provide diverse market-rate housing on a two-acre infill land with 40 DU/AC 45’ maximum height zoning requirements by implementing a mix of at grade and tuck-under parking. To bring this concept to life, there will be minimized construction costs through at grade parking and type V construction as well as a variety of communal open spaces and features including a roof deck, public conference rooms, mezzanines, dens for home offices, bicycle storage, an open courtyard, and more. Plenty of bicycle storage, opening the courtyard to the street, and providing porches for at grade are some features implemented to respond to sustainability needs and urban design.

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