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Rawabi Rumah | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Town Center Design

Community Planning

6,858 AC

4.9 U/A

33,737 Homes






Emaar Properties


The Master Plan vision for Rawabi Rumbah focuses to create a series of interconnected districts around an iconographic core to provide multimodal connectivity that reduces the dependency of the automobile.The project provides multiple housing types, retail and entertainment districts that reinforce affordability, health and wellness. Each district hub also is interconnected.


There are nine districts, all offering a distinct character and quality. Homebuyers will have tremendous choices in the type of neighborhood and lifestyle they desire. By providing a wide range of housing types and community amenities, supported by the mix of uses throughout, the success of the entire community will be ensured.


The Community Core is the heart of Rawabi, encompassing regional shopping, a medical office campus, convention center, destination hotel and the university and athletic complexes. The surrounding districts offer a variety of housing opportunities for many diverse buyers. Families, young professionals and active adults of all income levels will find Rawabi a wonderful environment to live and flourish under the guiding values of health, wellness and education. The Athletic Complex is comprised of a regional sports center, world class athletic training facility, entertainment retail, shopping, health and wellness campus and culinary arts facility. This complex not only supports the university but represents the commitment to active healthy lifestyles.

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