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The Ranch PA1

San Juan Capistrano, CA


3 Clubhouses | 6 AC:


Hacienda - Age Qualified Clubhouse, 11,350 SF


Ranch House - Market Rate Clubhouse, 5,500 SF


Guest House - Community Hall, 5,775 SF



Master Planning

Recreational Design


Rancho Mission Viejo, LLC


The goal was to create a space where people of all ages gather in a communal setting while still allowing separation among the market rate and age-qualified housing market. The clubhouses were strategically placed on the site to encourage interaction with the communal outpost building and the meadow as a common meeting ground and focal point. By designing these clubhouses in forms and styles that complement each other, historical form and function reminiscent of early California Rancho lifestyle was celebrated. This walkable community allows for connectivity with an abundance of walking trails, bocce ball courts, parks, playgrounds, and relaxing fire pits that allow for activities for people of all ages.

Designing one community center in a down economy is a challenge but designing three community centers was a trial in itself. San Juan Capistrano has always been recognized for its historical significance to Southern California. By embracing “Rancho” architecture through the integration of Historic Spanish, Adobe and Ranch styles, we’ve provided additional strength and preservation to this heritage. This intergenerational community combines age qualified, market rate along with a community clubhouse that provides both demographics a venue to congregate while still maintaining a sense of privacy and individuality. The grassy meadow serves as a shared open zone offering a natural buffer for all ages. The age‐qualified clubhouse at 11,350 SF. emphasizes Old Spanish architecture with “resort style” and offers a classically progressive interior experience. At 5,500 sf., the design of the market rate Ranch style clubhouse gestures to California’s mid-century Architectural past, with airy interiors and post and beam expression. The adobe style community hall building at 5,775 sf., offers an architecturally playful expression of the historical adobe “field house,” a common fixture to early Ranchos.

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