Esencia Visitor's Center

5,500 SF


Design & Architecture

Architectural Graphics

Colors & Materials


Rancho Mission Viejo, LLC.


The design intent behind the Garage was to create a contemporary, lodge-like atmosphere for the younger residents of Esencia at Rancho Mission Viejo. Bright colors are a strong theme throughout the neighborhood tying in the light, playfulness and contemporary feel of the homes and recreational areas. The large, orange garage doors are a statement piece for the building creating an open environment and connection from the street through a large field and back to the playhouses and communal tool shed where residents can borrow tools on an on-demand basis. 


The Hangout provides residents a communal gathering space centered around 100+-year-old Oak trees with over 50 hanging chandeliers. The site offers an area for guests to enjoy the outdoors, utilize the bar and seating area and a custom fountain. 


The Getaway, a 55+ age qualified clubhouse is situated on a beautiful lot with lush green grass and relaxing zen-like ponds. The communal space will be used for neighborhood events and a central meeting point for residents. 


Altogether the Garage, the Hangout, and the Getaway provide an inviting setting for a diverse set of buyers ranging from first-time homeowners to 55+ move down buyers. The architecture still caters to "The Ranch" with its farmhouse look but a contemporary twist.

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