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Autumn Lake | Yunnan, China


400 Acre Resort Master Plan

30% Open Space/Water

Quality Wetland

1.4 FAR | 2,275,200 M2





Autumn Lake master plan incorporates resort and residential programing focused on ecological preservation and education. In a joint venture with the Qingshang Design Institude of Beijing, the large destination resort provides a place for people to vacation and learn restorative practices for the natural environment. The project team worked with a local university to create an agricultural heritage and exposition center, along with the intent to repurpose damaged waterways and agricultural lands into new aviary habitats.


The programing also includes themed retail, accentuating pedestrian walkability and community placemaking. The residential component of the plan involves a mix of high-rise, mid-rise, and luxury villas for varying market segments to live in harmony.


Qingshang Design Institute

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