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Playa del Sol

San Diego, CA


Recreational Design

3,190 SF Community Clubhouse

1,650 SF Private Lounge Building


Design & Architecture

Architectural Graphics


Color & Materials


Located in the vibrant community of Playa del Sol, our cool and modern recreational center is the hotspot of activity for all ages. Situated between two high-density, 3-story townhomes projects, WHA was tasked with creating a resort-like feel with a one-story feeling. To accomplish this goal, five buildings were spread across the site to accommodate the different needs and ages—this allows multiple functions to be going on at the same time with plenty of space. A highlight includes the fitness lounge, which boasts a rooftop deck with beautiful views of the pool and site. Our designers drew inspiration from Irving Gill and created a contemporary, Spanish elevation that makes it the heart of the neighborhood.


Pardee Homes

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