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Maui, HI


158.3 AC

4.74 U/A

752 Units

1,050 - 3,000 SF




Genova Construction & Development


2022 Gold Nugget Awards - Best On-the-Boards Site Plan


Uniquely situated between town, country, mountain, and sea, the Waiehu Master Plan is about 238 AC with 158.3 AC of developable land. For over 100 years, this site has been actively farmed with sugar cane, and in the 1980s, they converted it to macadamia nuts. Since 2012, the property has become the local dump for central Maui, and they have already removed over 30 cards from the site.


The site will provide multiple tiers of affordable housing with 752-units as part of the 201H approval process. There are 7 product types, a local serving commercial parcel, and over 12 miles of trails throughout the community. The western portion of the property will be retained for agricultural uses including tree groves and local farming.


The location and site characteristics allow for creativity to be realized without sacrificing the intrinsic qualities of Maui. As opposed to forcing arbitrary community design elements or trendy circulation patterns, our goal is to work with the land, leveraging its traits as common amenity features promoting sustainable design practices.

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